​​Michelle Deziel

​​For Stillwater School Board

Focus on Students

I Want to Serve the Community

Important issues:
  • reducing excessive class-sizes
  • supporting special education students and teachers
  • increasing choices for students
  • strenghtening academic programs
  • effectively using taxpayers' dollars to support student learning

Why Am I running?

I'm running because I want to make Stillwater School District the best it can be for my children and all children.

My commitment: 
  • promoting high quality education
  • sustainable funding for student programming and professional development for teachers
  • encouraging community members to advocate for Stillwater Area Schools
  • keeping community members informed
  • maintaining effective use of taxpayers' dollars

As a former substitute teacher for Stillwater Schools, I saw students engaged in learning.

Stillwater Area Schools holistically:
  • attended school board meetings regularly and public hearings
  • member of Stillwater Schools committees that focus on achievement and student engagement
  • served on the Parent Superintendent Search committee 

I've come to know and understand policy-making and the importance of listening to others as well as sharing my views. 

My husband and I chose Stillwater Schools because of its great reputation. We've lived in Lake Elmo for 17 years. Our children attended Lake Elmo Elementary, and they  attend Oak-Land Jr. High and Stillwater Area High School. Go Ponies!